Guidelines for the preparation of Camera-Ready paper:

  1. Please refer to the link given here to create your paper in Word/Latex format
  2. Please cross-check that your paper contains the following:
    1. Paper Title
    2. Author Name
    3. Author Affiliation (Sequence should be like Author Name, Author Department, College Name, College Address, and email id as shown below:
      Amit Kumar Singh
      Mechanical Engineering Department
      NIT Patna
      Patna, India
    4. All authors can put their mail ID but the mail id of the Corresponding Author is a must
    5. Abstract and Keywords
    6. Introduction
    7. Main Content
      1. All figures, tables and equations are properly numbered
      2. Use high-resolution images for a better view
      3. The Figures/Tables should be readable and clear, with readable legends.
    8. Conclusion
    9. References -There are sufficient references, which are referred to appropriately in the text
  3. Make sure that the paper has less than a 25% Similarity index report.
  4. Please do not add any header and footer (page no, conference name, ISBN no etc) in your paper.
  5. Please do not use a word file converted from pdf.  Share the original word or Latex file only used to write the paper else the paper would not be considered for Publication.
  6. If you have prepared your final submission file in Latex, then please mail the zip file to